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What is THCA? +

THCA is the non-psychoactive precursor to THC. It’s naturally found in hemp products and won’t alter your mind or give you a high in its raw form. In fact THCA offers a range of potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties that are a game-changer in wellness.

Things change when you apply heat, expose THCA to light, or simply let your hemp product mature over time. Then, it transforms into delta-9 THC, the compound known for its intoxicating effects.

This magical transformation is known as "decarboxylation."

How is this legal? +

All of our high quality, lab tested hemp products are federally legal.  

The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the federal list of controlled substances, effectively legalizing its cultivation and sale in the United States. It differentiated hemp from marijuana based on the THC content.

The Farm Bill allows for the interstate commerce of hemp and hemp products, meaning that states cannot prohibit the transportation of hemp or hemp products through their territory.

Where do you ship? +

We ship to all 50 United States!

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