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Our Story

Trap Shop (noun) [/ˈtræp ʃɒp/]: "Trap Shop" takes on a unique and historic meaning – it’s the original term for what we now know as a Prop 215 dispensary. 

Born from the groundbreaking passage of California’s Proposition 215 in 1996, these "trap shops" were the trailblazers in providing legal access to medical marijuana. They served as the initial, crucial touchpoints for patients, especially those battling serious illnesses like AIDS and cancer, offering relief and support through cannabis.

These early "trap shops" were grassroots lifelines. They embodied a rebellion against the status quo, a tangible result of the relentless advocacy and activism of that era. They were beacons of hope and community hubs, and they played a vital role in changing perceptions, challenging laws, and ultimately, shaping the future of cannabis in America.

Today, as we see sleek, professional dispensaries, it's the "trap shop" that laid the foundation — a symbol of progress, human rights, and the power of community-driven change.

The term "Trap Shop" is a tribute to the early days of California's legal medical marijuana scene, a reminder of where the journey began and the strides made since. It’s a testament to the courage and commitment of the activists who transformed the cannabis landscape, forever changing the way we view and access medical marijuana.

We are a group of veterans of the Prop 215 era with over 100 years of collective experience. Our mission is to bring you the highest quality legal hemp products anywhere.  

Our motto is this – Quality Over Everything.


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